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A word from our customers

  • Quick

    The priority : « Depending on the year, ATS develops up to six or seven free gift collections for Quick, with more (...) Read more

  • Moët Hennessy Diageo

    The priority : The raison d’être of packaging is to make the product speak to the customer, and to tell a story. It’s (...) Read more

  • Bioderma

    The priority : « When we launch a product, it needs to be like a gift, wrapped in our colors and the Bioderma logo, (...) Read more

  • Éditions ATLAS

    The priority : The primary aim of the free gifts distributed by ATLAS Editions is to help bring in new customers. (...) Read more

  • Air France

    The priority : Air France is more than an airline. Climbing aboard an Air France jet isn’t like boarding a (...) Read more