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Éditions ATLAS

ATLAS editions, founded more than 50 years ago, have been the number one cultural product series producers for thirty years. They are now the reference in collections sold at newsagents, by subscription and door-to-door sales. This is a brand which represents quality and trust.

The priority : The primary aim of the free gifts distributed by ATLAS Editions is to help bring in new customers. The more original and valuable a gift is perceived to be, the more customers will be drawn in and stay in.

What is at stake : «When we are targeting children, the aim is to offer collections of cultural products that help children develop, and have fun while learning ».

The advantages : « ATS are real professionals when it comes to object production- they cover everything from sourcing to manufacture, costing, transport and industry standards. With ATS, we’ve been able to build a relation based on complete, long-lasting trust. This is actually very rare ».

Right from the start, ATLAS Editions have created original collector series, aiming to satisfy both the expectations and the passions of a wide range of readers. Their mail order operations are divided into 3 separate activities: the print section, covering all files and coffee-table books (literature, cooking, history, tourism etc.), collectibles (little collectible objects and models for adults), and children from 0-14 years old (files, audio books, pop-up books, figurines, arts and crafts, perfumes etc.). To do this, the publishing teams at ATLAS Editions are constantly dreaming up new themes and new collections. « ATS is a great partner », says Virginie Barré-Quentin, head of the children’s and collectible marketing group. «They stay creative, driven and keep a real sense of duty, and help us to create unique and original items that you just don’t see anywhere else. We don’t get run-of-the-mill objects from ATS. They have imagination. They surprise us. And they do it all for a great price ».

The primary goal of the items distributed by ATLAS Editions is to bring in customers, and to keep them. «The more the item is perceived to be original and valuable, the better our chance of getting the customer to subscribe to our collections. And it was the perceived value of the product that started our successful relationship with ATS ».

It’s not just the creativity and originality that makes ATS one of ATLAS Editions key partners; it’s the ability to react to new challenges and follow the design brief.

«For our children’s department, ATS is one of our major partners. Currently, of the five children’s collections launched this autumn, three were developed by this company ». This is a highly demanding field, where excellence and complete adherence to standards are key. A collector’s item must be original, high quality and perceived to be valuable. Not only that, but it must comply with highly restrictive «toy» standards. « It is crucial that costs and quantities are adhered to, and that production times are short. It’s not even a three-month gap between the call for bids and the product launch. Lastly, the regulatory guidelines force us to limit the cost of the item to 7% of the cost of the printed product that it comes with». ATS is back with ATLAS Editions this year to create and produce collector’s items to wow children and adults alike.