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Ethics and CSR


ATS, the shareholders, the management and all of the teams are committed to Social Responsibility (CSR).

This commitment is fundamental to our business strategy and shows how willing we are to contribute to sustainable development.

Here at ATS, we are taking great strides to move our company forward and take into account the social, ethical and environmental impact of what we do. We learn from this, and use it to help improve our society and our environment.

To go even further in this direction, ATS has decided to go beyond these measures and chosen to be certified with Ethics 21. This certification means continuous development, and underlines our will to improve the overall performance of our organization.

Ethics 21 covers good governance, social and environmental responsibility, customer satisfaction, supply chain optimization and risk management. Our certification is currently under review by Ethics SA, a certification organization accredited by the ISAS, the International Standardization and Accreditation Services.

Being awarded the Ethics 21 standard would help us to ensure long-lasting success thanks to sustainable and responsible management of our activities and resources ; a strategy founded on good ethics within the company.

Standards, Audits and Checks

ATS calls on several competent or approved external bodies to ensure that we achieve our goals, work within the legal framework and meet our customers’ high expectations.

SGS, Intertek, Asia Inspection, LNE, Bureau Véritas, Sedex …

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