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Moët Hennessy Diageo

Moët Hennessy Diageo (MHD) is at the very top of the French wines and spirits market. ATS and MHD have been collaborating for 8 years to develop promotional items and packaging.

The priority : The raison d’être of packaging is to make the product speak to the customer, and to tell a story. It’s this story that drives the brand and boosts its value.

What is at stake : « Our suppliers must be able to meet our needs and desires with a great range of products. They’ve got to be relevant and innovative. But they also need to ensure that they can be manufactured under the best conditions- quality, speed and cost ».

The advantages : « ATS are fast and responsive. In terms of talent and creativity, you just can’t hold them back. They shine, and stand out from the pack with the extreme regularity of their work and impeccable adherence to regulations and quality control. In such a strategic sector, such collaboration is a real source of wealth and added value ».

Moët Hennessy Diageo (MHD) is at the very top of the French wines and spirits market. « We’re unique. We are selling products with exceptional added value to a very small target market. As with everything else in the luxury goods market, we create value by placing emphasis on beauty », says Philippe Chanal, the Director of Promotional Co-ordination.

« MHD currently does 70 to 80% of its business in mass distribution. For a player in this field, visibility is crucial to make us stand out from the other professionals. Our success here is down to our quality-driven and innovative brand promotion and promotional events packaging policy ». Promotional events packaging is not just a key area for MHD, it’s an art, and it comes with the same expertise and strategic skills you would expect to find anywhere else in the company. 

« It’s a real engine of growth, pushing our sales figures ». « ATS has been creating value with us for eight years. Their real strength is their understanding of how we work and what we are looking for ». Working with MHD, ATS is developing products for the brands Knockando, Cardhu, Bailey’s and Picon, more selectively for the brands Smirnoff Ice, Moët and Johnny Walker, and very regularly for Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin.

« We don’t want to work alongside professionals who constrain our creativity, but rather those who can transform it, feed it and turn it into a meticulously designed end product. ATS does all of this, and more », adds Philippe Chanal.

« ATS react so fast. In terms of talent and creative ability, they always come up with an idea when you need it. And thanks to their vast knowledge and experience in the Asian production circuits, they can guarantee reliability in terms of manufacture and deadlines- two things which we have trouble with. High standards and extreme regularity are trademarks of ATS’ collaborations with us, and makes them very important to us. Working together in such a strategic field is a great source of wealth and added value for us ».