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ATS has been working with Quick since 1994. Together, these two companies have built up a long-lasting relationship built on trust that the years have done nothing to diminish.

The priority : « Depending on the year, ATS develops up to six or seven free gift collections for Quick, with more and more specific design briefs ». Currently, Quick has two menus catering for children and teenagers, the Magic Box and the Menu Top (8-12 years), each with their own line of toys, which are sometimes segmented into boys’ and girls’ lines.

What is at stake : « Here at Quick, choosing a free toy and gift manufacturer is strategic. Of course, distributing toys to children is a huge responsibility, so choosing the right supplier is crucial. »

The advantages : « They’ve gone from importing goods to developing their own, and this transformation has done nothing to diminish their accumulated knowhow. They take our ideas and constraints and turn them into “commercial bonuses” ».

An account
Our shared history dates back to 1994 with the release of the “beach sport” kit, a collection of three themed free gifts offered with the Magic Box the following summer. Quick was looking for some original products adapted to the Magic Box target market: children from 3 to 7 years old. We issued a brief to several suppliers, including ATS. Soon after, Quick accepts ATS’ proposition, a line of three innovative new products: a kite, a Frisbee and a ball, all within Quick’s budget and planning constraints. This series marked the beginning of a collaboration that’s been growing for more than 10 years.

« For fourteen years, ATS has been our source for toy and gift manufacture. Every time we accepted what they had to offer, ATS showed real speed and professionalism. These are two essential qualities in our industry- deadlines can be tight when we have to consult a lot of different organizations before starting manufacture: getting the rights to certain licenses, sending the products to laboratories to carry out compliance testing… » explains Deolinda da Mota, in the Quick purchasing department.

Depending on the year, ATS develops up to six or seven free gift collections for Quick, with more and more specific design briefs. ATS has adapted well to these changes, making the transfer from importing existing products to creating products specifically for Quick.

« Promotional object and soft toy development is a field where ATS has developed, adapted and become extremely professional over the years » , says Annick Ribeau, Assistant Director of Purchasing at Quick. « In this new environment, ATS’ strength has been to anticipate these changes and adapt to them by leaning on their extensive knowledge of Asia and its network of manufacturers, and exceptional regularity and quality control for each product manufacture and supply operation that we ask of them » .

Here at Quick, choosing a free gift and toy manufacturer is strategic. « If I had to sum up our work with ATS in only 5 words, they would be: understanding, anticipation, creativity, speed and rigor », concludes Annick Ribeau.